Well – winter is definitely here…



Black and White from the streets of Barcelona…



Another picture from Barcelona. This one a little fixed up in Lightroom. I got quite a few pictures that I liked in that trip, so you can expect more in the coming posts…



A lot of flags in Barcelona, these days…


Nice wall in Barcelona


Purple street in Linköping, this evening…


Friday and an afternoon walk with my old Leica M9. The M9 has just come back from Leica in Germany, where it’s sensor was replaced. It’s still a great camera – dispite the fact that it is 6 years old…



How a picture can change if you move a couple of steps to the right…


A couple of shots from Stockholm, the last week.


I almost missed the morning fog, as I went by subway to work. It creates a nice look to the pictures and one can almost feel the moisture in the air…




An afternoon photowalk in the southern parts of central Stockholm. I stopped by the Swedish Museum of Photography and checked out an outstanding exhibition; “Being There” by Paul Hansen. If you can – go and visit the museum…before November 19:th.



An unexpected view from an afternoon walk, nearby home…

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